ZWIFT Game Update Sept 3 2020 // Zwift Academy // Haute Route Ventoux // Repack Ridge Sterzo // More

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Covering the release notes for today's update of the Zwift indoor cycling platform.

● Added support for Zwift Academy 2020.
● Added support for Haute Route Ventoux and the Dempsey Challenge Events.
● Repack Ridge Improvements
● Default state of steering in events to OFF.
● Added a new alert indicator when users save their activity to let them know if they are in an offline state to reduce lost rides and runs.
● Improved Meetups to ensure you can enable late join OR race results (rather than both at the same time). Even if you’re just racing your friends, you need to complete the entire meetup distance to take the top step.
● Cycling Pace Partners is now only available for cyclists. A future game release will provide a complimentary Pace Partner for Runners.
● Fixed an issue that would cause the HUD to flicker in Meetups.
● Fixed a bug where in certain scenarios a rider would get dropped from the draft
● Numerous UI and text updates.

Full Details:

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