Why Didn't LaMelo Ball & Cole Anthony Play Each Other? The Truth Behind SPIRE vs OAK HILL W/Cole ???

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G League Segment: 0-2:48
Spire vs Oak Hill Segment: 2:48-6:40

WOW this was epic. Y'all remember how LaMelo Ball and Spire were supposed to play against Cole Anthony and Oak Hill last year? The game didn't happen for a bunch of reasons, but we brought Cole on the Subject to Change Podcast to break down what would've happened!

Both teams were obviously stacked with tons of D1 and NBA talent. Overtime Tom is making the case for LaMelo and Spire (obviously) while Cole and Jordan defend Oak Hill! Honestly, both sides have good points and I'm curious who y'all think would've won.

We started this off talked about the G League and how Cole wouldn't have considered it probably even if it were an option for him last year. Can't wait to see what happens there!

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