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Legacy Nashville is thoughtfully taking steps towards reopening. Starting Sunday, September 6th, our 9AM Sunday service, and Legacy Kids will be open to the public. However, you must RSVP to attend. RSVP links will be distributed each week through our newsletter and on our website.

For more details on how to RSVP to attend a Sunday service and the latest information on all things Legacy Nashville, be sure to sign up for our newsletter at and follow us on Instagram.

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Featured Artist:
Adrian White

Executive Producer: Grace Mendez, @gracenmendez
Production Manager: Bryan Eggers @bryan_eggers
Creative Director: Grace Mendez @gracenmendez
Director of Photography: Paul Beauchamp, @paulbeauchamp
Film Editor: Paul Beauchamp, @paulbeauchamp
Audio Engineer: Nick Williamson, @nick_gw_
Production Assistant: Nick Williamson, @nick_gw_
Mixing Engineer: Bryan Eggers, @bryan_eggers, Josh Marr @marr_productions
Worship Team: Adrian White, @iamadrianwhite, , Tyler Ham, @thetastyham, Mary Pat Smissen @mppunky, Bryan Eggers, @bryan_eggers, Evan Nickels, @
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