Vic High Country - (Seasonal Gate Closures)

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Many of the 4WD tracks in the Vic High Country are seasonally closed during Winter.
Mainly because of the high snow fall and heavy rain conditions that fall over the Victorian High Country during these times.
The seasonal track closures take place in the Vic High Country between the first Thursday after Queens Birthday weekend in June, and they remain seasonally closed until the first Thursday before Melbourne Cup weekend in November.
These are standard track closures which take place in the Vic High Country, at the same time each year.
With the exception of a few Vic High Country tracks that close on the 1st May and reopen on the 30th of November.
During the seasonal closure dates, you can’t drive along these 4WD tracks, even if you come across a gate that is open.
Some of the seasonal closure gates are damaged every year, which is sometimes why the gates may be open. But the track is still a closed 4WD track.
Check the full list of seasonal track closures for the Vic High Country on the Parks Victoria website, before you head out on your 4WD trip.
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