Unleash the Beast with the NEW Monster Machine Argon8 Preset Pack!

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Modal Electronics has recently released the Monster Machine preset pack for the popular Argon8 Synthesizer series for free! The presets are inspired by horror and Sci-Fi genres and will add a whole new dimension to modern music production. |

» Modal Argon8X Synthesizer |

Check out the Monster Machine Pack here:

The Monster Machine Preset Pack features 40 patches for the Argon8 series, and guess what!? They are completely free! Unleash your inner monster with these Horror and Sci-Fi inspired textures that will elevate and add new layers to your modern music composition!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
» 0:00 Intro to the New Argon Preset Pack!
» 1:30 Patch 1-AxisGnar
» 3:25 Patch 2 -Too Loose Cougar
» 5:34 Patch 3-Socio Patch
» 7:22 Patch 4-Raw Tooth
» 8:21 Patch 5-Grime Time
» 9:44 Patch 6-You Survived
» 11:16 Patch 7-Bro Sensei
» 12:27 Patch 8-Bristol Method

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