Trail to ONE MILLION Subscribers LIVE with Gone to the Snow Dogs!

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We are on the Trail to ONE MILLION!! Will it be today?
Happy Birthday Shiloh! We are going to try to hit ONE MILLION Subscribers at Gone to the Snow Dogs! Today we are on a Mission! Shiloh was born Nov 8, 2001, 19 years ago today. She was our very first husky. The husky that started us on this amazing adventure! She is the reason Gone to the Snow Dogs exists! As I am posting this, we are less then 1,200 Subs away from ONE MILLION! That's not too far! If each and everyone one of you that sees this Subscribes to the channel (if you aren't already), and then shares this posts with friends who like dogs and dog content, we just might pull this off. It's not going to be easy! And we might not make it happen, but it never hurts to try!
So if you haven't subscribed yet, you can find us at Gone to the Snow Dogs on YouTube (and Instagram too if you have Instagram). Click the Subscribe, and Turn on all bell notifications so you never miss one of our new videos!
Let's make this big push today and see if we can pass One Million for Shiloh's Birthday!

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