The Weird World of Sonic Heroes’ Concept Art and Development

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Hey guys! Hope you all enjoyed the concept art and development of Sonic Heroes. It had such a strange and interesting set of concept art and development cycle! Heroes is a blast to play and seeing the what could have beens is insane to me! Anyways thanks for hopping into the weird world of Sonic Heroes concept art and development :D

Thanks for watching and if you have any suggestions or thoughts about the video let me know in the comments!
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Introduction - 0:00
Sonic Heroes Development Groundwork - 1:04
Storyboard Concepts - 4:00
Prototype Mechanics and Box Art Designs- 9:35
Stage Concept Art - 11:45
Prototype Renders - 22:01
Miscellaneous Prototype Images - 22:40

Profile Picture/Outro done by Jonni Salazar, check him and his gorgeous art out on IG:

Outro Music: Heroes Ring Race (From Sonic Heroes)

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Profile Picture done by Novika ()
Outro/Sub Button done by Jonni Salazar, check out his gorgeous work on IG: ()
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