The Snow Plow Show Episode 704 - Next Door Neighbors

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Nick sends me a bunch of phone numbers from his Next Door app, so I lay in yards, and on roofs, and a send out an army of poop robots, and I complain about light bulb wattages like it’s 2001. This show is executive produced by Vocockmeat vokoviak, Australia_Wants_Brad_2_Do_A _Hang_Up_The_Phone_Show, Marcus Biscuit, The Prime Minister of Australia, and The Sayleboat.

00:00 That guy didn’t give a damn in 2015. I wonder if he’s still around today. The background music is by Apollo and Quickfireyt.

00:30 The show art photo is from MicroKORGI. The artwork on the CDs is by Nik Caesar.

01:40 The intro song is by Reefer Badness.

03:42 Brad rambles like an old man. The background music is Dance Floor by Apples In Stereo.

04:19 Here’s Vista Blue’s Bandcamp page for the album

04:45 Did you know we have a Reddit?

05:44 The prank call segment. Background music is For The Kids by Rappy McRapperson.

54:29 Voicemails. Background music is Comfortably Numb by Josh Cohen.

01:01:44 How Silly Can You Get by Nick Rivers

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