The Best Tire For Snow? Off-Road vs All Season vs Winter Tires

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Does an all terrain off-road tire perform as well as an all season or winter tire in the winter, when driving on snow?

To find out I've fitted a Chevrolet Tahoe with an all season, mild all terrain, aggressive all terrain, mud terrain and winter tire, and tested them in a range of snow tests, including snow handling, snow braking, ice braking, hill climb, and real world snow and ice road driving.

The tires used in this video are:

General GRABBER HTS60 - H/T All Season
General GRABBER APT - Mild A/T Tire
General GRABBER A/T x - A/T Tire
General GRABBER X3 - M/T Tire
General Grabber Arctic - Winter Tire

Winter tires are sometimes called snow tires.

Full information about all the excellent tires from General Tire used in this video can be found on the Tyre Reviews website at:


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