Study with me live! | 8 Sessions | 3/31/2021 | Pomodoro/Forest | Discord |学习直播

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Today’s schedule: (EDT, GMT-4)
Morning/Afternoon: 10:30-11:50|12:00-12:50|1:00-1:50|2:00-2:50|long break
Afternoon/Evening: 3:30-4:20|4:30-5:20|5:30-6:20|6:30-8:00

Athena’s Study Room’s Discord:

You can use the discord server to study with friends you know from the YouTube stream even when there is no study stream on YouTube that can match your schedule.

Study Friend: StudyFam (Discord) created by Thalia G.
This is a study server with lots of nice features - video study channel with dedicated studiers, book/music/movie recommendations, productivity tools, etc.

Productivity Tracking Sheet:

Future schedules:

Being able to focus for each session is vital! Those are building blocks of your productive day! So, the chat function will only be turned on during breaks. Let’s make it productive session by session! ????????????‍????????‍????????✨

If you can't see the chat during breaks, please refresh the page. ????

Why are your monitors black while you stream? - I started my 1st full-time job in Mar 2021. To protect the company’s privacy, I put on privacy screens.

Why do you mute the mic sometimes? - I sometimes need to talk to people (, ask a question, discuss how to solve a problem) while working. So, I will temporarily mute myself in those cases. If I need to mute myself for the whole session, I will use the rain sound during that session. :)

For those of you who are motivated by using Forest app. I will post a room code during each break for the next session. If you don’t have Forest app, don’t worry at all! The timer on the screen achieves similar goals.

I love to do study streams and always want to make it better! If you have any suggestion or comment about my stream, please leave me a comment, send me a direct message from instagram () or send an email to hanhanlikestrees@

The stream calendar can also be assessed from the upper right corner of the channel home page.
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