Spreading the love | SimplyPut cards makes its mark during Black History Month and Valentine's

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SimplyPut plans to spread love by giving away almost 1,000 Valentine's Day cards to schools and organizations.

During Black History Month, a Black-owned business wants to leave its mark on history.

It's called "Simply-Put" and it's doing this by creating hand-made greeting cards and giving away hundreds of them for Valentines.

The company is a dream for co-founders, Jerrod Poole and Bri'on Whiteside.

"I look at it as a time capsule. Of me being about to member this time in my life. You know it's date, this Valentine's day 2021, so and so gave me this card to let me know how much they cared about me," said Whiteside as she explained

"Wanted to have an influence in the world differently. And you see a lot of times with art and it tells a story a lot of times and I knew that I could add that side of that with art," added Poole.

This Valentine's weekend they'll gift about 900 cards to schools and organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, churches and area schools.
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