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Aerospace Engineers Colin Smith and Gerry Hudak played Mission: ISS in Virtual Reality. They experienced spaceship and being outside of the spaceship as an almost-real astronaut. In this episode, you will learn more about Nasa's techniques and how close this VR game is to the real experience. There are alternate ways to experience space without leaving earth.

Aerospace Engineer: Colin Smith
Insta: @rocket_reels
Twitter: @rocketreels
Aerospace Engineer: Gerry Hudak
Insta: @rocket_reels
Twitter: @rocketreels
00:00 Intro
00:22 Host Introduction
00:37 Inside the spaceship, what does the astronaut do?
04:35 Inside the cupola, capsule lock process.
10:07 Outside the spaceship
12:08 Conclusion
12:34 Outro
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