Snow White Hair Strong Affirmations

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Description: This track contains hidden positive affirmations masked behind the music which aims to transform your hair color to a beautiful snow white hair color quickly and safely.

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Silent version -

(One Day Formula Deluxe)
- Built in mini booster
- LoA accelerator
- Blockages remover
- Healthy, beautiful hair
- Adjustment of hair melanin levels to give you snow white hair color
- Drastic decrease of hair melanin levels to give you snow white hair color
- Hair roots, hair follicles, hair bulbs, and hair matrix transformation to give you snow white hair color
- Natural hair color rapidly transitions into snow white hair color
- Permanent snow white hair color
- Healthy scalp
- Clear scalp
- Mesmerizing, beautiful, super pleasant-smelling hair scent
- Mesmerizing, beautiful, super pleasant-smelling scalp scent
- Hair has a permanent scent of your desired scent
- Be free and highly immune from hair loss
- Be free and highly immune from hair fall
- Fast and permanent results

[!] Instructions:
1. Listen to a booster first.
2. Then listen to this 3-6 times. The more, the better to really embed all the affirmations in your subconscious mind.
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