Small Details You Missed In Umbrella Academy Season 2

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Whether they're meant to give us clues about season 3 or to simply give us all a reason to rewatch once we're done with our first binge, here are some of the small details you probably missed in The Umbrella Academy's second season.

Spoiler warning for season two of The Umbrella Academy.

At the end of season 2, the time-traveling team successfully returns to 2019, only to learn the Umbrella Academy seems to have been replaced with the Sparrow Academy, apparently led by a not-so-dead Ben.

These sparrows aren't the only birds flying around the second season, though. While you may not notice them before the Sparrow Academy reveal, the official Umbrella Academy Instagram page posted that there are exactly 43 sparrows in season 2 a significant number since there were said to be exactly 43 superpowered children born on October 1, 1989 in the show's mythology.

Perhaps the easiest example to remember is Harlan's sparrow toy, which we see him levitating in the back seat of his mother's car towards the end of the finale. In "A Light Supper," eagle-eyed viewers can spot a sparrow logo on the piece of paper the Handler gives Five with the location of the Commission's executive board a logo that mysteriously disappears when Five looks at it in the following episode. Other examples of sparrow logos show up on the dairy truck the Swedish assassins steal, on the front door of the liquor store that Klaus visits, on the room service menu Lila looks at, and on yet another on a piece of paper in Old Man Five's briefcase.

We haven't discovered them all yet, but the prospect of finding them isn't a bad motivation to rewatch season 2.

One of the bigger surprises in the season 2 finale is the crazy reveal that Lila is one of the superpowered children born in 1989, just like the seven members of the Umbrella Academy. Similar to Mimic of Marvel Comics' X-Men, Lila can use other people's powers to her own advantage. And we see her gift on full display at the Coopers' farm. While at first it looks like the Academy has slam-dunked the Commission in the season finale, Lila is able to use their powers to even the playing field. Keep watching the video to see all the small details you missed in Umbrella Academy season 2.

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