Sacred Room | Escape From Tarkov CG Short Film

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Nikita, when?

What you, I assume, have just watched, is my personal artistic take on how I see cultist appear in the game. How Marked Rooms have to be guarded and with what they should be filled, and how impactful cult shall become once introduced. One blessed day we will see it in all its glory, and we just got to wait, after all, crunching aint good in the long run, cultists can wait! So shall we.

Now onto some behind the scenes.
Stuff was rendered in, you guessed it right, UE4.
Animated in Maya.
Assets are original from game.
Was a tough decision to film horror with wide af lenses, so if you have a thought about that decision - poke me in the comment section, I'll be all eyes and ears.
Final unusual wide resolution also is playing it's artistic part in making it more scary and cinematic. Hope I pointed digits right for the wide screen gang.
Overall took me way too much time than I care to admit. All Iv got to say is that Unity is a nightmare when you are UE user.
Also used iPad for that lovely livelike cameras on cultists povs. Perhaps a tutorial? We will see.

I hope you liked it, and I hope I didnt scare you much (but did scare a little). Horrors aint my type of thing, you know, eh? Stay tuned for more (:

For more questions, as always:
(also some wips here)
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