Ronaldo Can't Play FNCS Because of Clix? | Nickmercs and SypherPK's Teammate Announced

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Today we talk about what happened in the FNCS warmup and drama between Ronaldo and Fortnite. Ronaldo tweeted out the most liked reply will be his Fortnite name through out FNCS which made Clix reply with NRG clixfan69692. Other pros saw this and decided to copy what Ronaldo did and Clix replied to them. This caused people to change their names to terms that people wouldn't usually include in their name such as aimbot, hacker etc. This caused Fortnite competitive to make a tweet hinting at the issue which caused Ronaldo to Tweet about it. If you enjoyed this video make sure to like and subscribe for more content!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:21 Ronaldo situation intro
3:33 Ronaldo Tweet
5:09 What does this mean for FNCS
7:08 Nickmercs, SypherPK and G2Coop
8:17 FNCS Warmup Results
10:52 Outro

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