Rogue Heroes | Ep. #6 | Beard Bros Co-Op | Super Beard Bowl

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Created by Heliocentric Studios, Rogue Heroes began as a prototype with a 16-bit infinite dungeon started with a small winter project in 2015. In October 2016 it went into full development and in October 2019 it was officially announced that the game would be published by Team17. On the 23rd of February 2021, the game fully released on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Inspired by classic 16-bit games like Link to the Past and Harvest Moon, Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos features classic top down sword slashing combat with a large set of tools, spells, and weapons at your disposal. With many classes to choose from, fight through dungeons each with their own style, room layouts and unique dangers. The dungeons are procedurally generated to connect handmade rooms and mix up the layout so no two runs are the same. Keys, puzzles, and traps are mixed up, even within the same rooms things won't always play out the same way. Combining randomization with hand placement gives replayability without the drawbacks of uninteresting design that can come from full random generation.

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Hosts: Alex Faciane (@facianea), Brett Bayonne (@shaperofstories), Jirard Khalil (@Completionist)
Thumbnail Art by: Shawn Ullom (@JetpackBraggin)
Editor: Theodore Coonradt (@tcoonz)

Endcard song: Beard Bros Endcard "Not A Remix" - Perhaps Music

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