Roblox PIGGY In Real Life - Chapter 12: Plant

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The Noob Family has finally made it to the last chapter of Roblox Piggy in Real Life, The Plant. Even though they spawn in unfamiliar territory, they are quick to complete the game tasks. This Piggy chapter brings new obstacles and is especially difficult because they cannot find an escape door! In addition to the Piggy bot Badgy trying to kill the Noobs, Mr. P is also a villain in this new chapter. Once the Noob Family figures out how to navigate through the plant, they quickly learn new information about Mr. P….and others. Can they make it out alive together? Or will they be separated on this final journey for the truth?

Chapter 1: House
Chapter 2: Station
Chapter 3: Gallery
Chapter 4: Forest
Chapter 5: School
Chapter 6: Hospital
Chapter 7: Metro
Chapter 8: Carnival
Chapter 9: City
Chapter 10: Mall
Chapter 11: Outpost


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