Roblox Overlook Bay - Goldie & Titi Games Family Roleplay

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The Roblox Goldie Family moves to the new town of Overlook Bay. This is a new game in Roblox very similar to other popular Roblox games like Adopt me and Bloxburg. This game was created by Meganplays and HoneyTheUnicorn. In this game, you can get a house and decorate it! You can adopt cute pets from Koalas to Kittycorns. They even have real working claw machines! The city has so much to do! Go shopping, go grocery shopping, watch a movie, eat at honey the unicorns diner, visit the coffee shop and playground and so much more. I can already tell you I will be doing a lot of roleplays here! They even have a school and you can have friends join your family for the ultimate roleplays! This video is family-friendly and safe for the whole family to watch.

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