ROBLOX Breaking Point Be Like... (FUNNY MOMENTS)

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ROBLOX Breaking Point Be (FUNNY MOMENTS). This video was INSANE. Get ready.

In this video, I’m fighting and trolling with noobs on Roblox Breaking Point.

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I battle many different people at the start, going against bacon hair noobs while learning to become a master. I met Naruto, and we battled side by side. Then, I met sonic (blue hair man), who I trained with and had a huge showdown with 2 super villains. At the end, the pajama girls helped me take them down for good.

I absolutely RULED this game with Naruto, sonic, and da pajama girls (the legendary squad)

Not hacking or glitch or cheats, or the other ROBLOX Be Like videos, only SWAG. This video has a lot of funny moments, edits, memes, and exciting things that happen (because I epicly troll everyone in the game.)

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