Playing Grand Piece Online But With RTX On! Is This Even Roblox! - Roblox Grand Piece Online Reshade

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Grand Piece Online is a one piece inspired game on roblox. Grand Piece Online is an RPG type of game on roblox as you have to explore the sea of Grand Piece Online and defeat bosses to level up. There are other ways to level up in the universe of Grand Piece Online and there are many styles of fighting and weapons that you're able to get in Grand Piece Online.
Grand Piece Online as of right now is closed access and it will be open for everyone at some point of time, i don't exactly know at what time Grand Piece Online will be public for everyone to play but im 99% it will be out for public.
In this video of grand piece online i will be playing grand piece online but with RTX ghraphics but this isn't full RTX as this is only an add on to roblox.
This isn't supported by roblox and i don't reccomend you guys using this on any roblox game as you're messing with the roblox visuals.
If you guys wanna see me do more roblox Rtx stuff let me know as i really enjoyed doing this RTX video on grand piece online.
If you guys want to see more Grand Piece Online let me know in the comments by telling me you guys want to see more Roblox Grand Piece Online and i will be sure to record more Grand Piece Online. Also leave a like because that will tell me you guys like to watch Grand Piece Online and it will also tell me you want to see more Grand Piece Online.
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