Pakistani Street Food in Lahore!! Legendary TAWA CHICKEN in Taxali Gate | Lahore, Pakistan

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After arriving in Lahore, I was so excited to continue exploring the city’s cuisine that my food adventures continued well into the night! Come with me as I dive further into the world of Pakistani street food, including the legendary tawa chicken in Taxali Gate Bazaar in Lahore, Pakistan!

My evening began at the historical complex that contains Jahangir’s Tomb, one of the most important sites in the city. Jahangir was the fourth Mughal emperor. My guides Rashid and Adeel from Manaky and I were pumped to explore more of the city together!


The complex is made up of three important sites: Jahangir’s Tomb, Asif Khan’s Tomb, and Akbari Sarai. Our first stop, Akbari Sarai, is a series of tombs and caravan inn, or sarai, that was built in 1637.
The main gate to the tomb is very beautiful and features stunning Mughal-era architecture. The colors were bright and vibrant!

All Mughal architecture sites featured water channels and fountains, and this site is the same. There are water channels flowing in all four directions from the main building. The actual tomb reminded me of the “Baby Taj” in Agra, India.

The walls are made of red sandstone and are imported from Rajasthan. There are also marble inlays. The designs feature flowers and other geometric designs and are really intricate.

We took off our shoes to head inside to see the white marble tomb, which had intricate flower designs and verses from the Koran on it. Then, we got stunning bird’s-eye views of the entire complex from the roof and from one of the minarets!

Next, we hopped in the car and drove to a Taxali Gate Bazaar. Right next to it is the biggest mosque in Lahore, which is gigantic! Unfortunately, we couldn’t go inside with cameras, as they only allow phones.

We headed down the bustling food street, where we saw tons of vendors selling malai, biscuits, barbecue, and more. The famous chicken tawa place wouldn’t be open for another 30 minutes, so we continued exploring.

I wanted to get a snack from a vendor! I got some dal chawal, which is a yellow dal stew with chicken served on top of rice with cabbage salad on the side.

It was delicious and wasn’t too spicy, but it did contain a lot of black pepper! The consistency was nice and pasty and the salad added a refreshing crunch.

Next, I tried chana pulao, a rice dish containing white chickpeas. This pulao was spicy and also came with a salad and raita. I loved the heat!

Then, we got some spicy and moist aloo pulao, which contained big chunks of potatoes. After that, we passed vendors selling kebabs, fried chicken, naan, organic chicken soup, and beef kebabs!

The beef kebabs were super juice and made of mincemeat. I loved the onions and herbs in it!

Once we reached the end of the street, we doubled back to the tawa chicken at Arif Chatkhara House.

The dish contains masala, yogurt, ghee, and green chilies. The fumes from the chilies hit you even when you stand near the cooks! The yogurt makes it really creamy.

The vendor was super nice and even let me try my hand at helping him make the tawa chicken!

We ate right in front of the vendor as he cooked. The chicken tawa with some chapati was the most unique chicken dish I’ve ever had! It’s one of my top 3 chicken dishes ever!

It was juicy, spicy, creamy, and a little crispy because it’s grilled. It had the smoothness of the yogurt, the ghee flavor, and the delicious taste of the masalas.

The drumstick and the breast were unbelievable. Even though it was loaded with chilies, it actually wasn’t too hot. I could see why it’s such an iconic dish in Lahore!

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