Pack your bags, folks.

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You can save up to $40 on PD Travel bags. How? We'll tell ya how:

Go to Purchase any PD Travel Bag + 2 or more Packing Tools. When you checkout, a discount of up to $40 will be auto-applied to your order.

The weekend jaunt. The roadie to Redwood National Forest. The flight to Minneapolis so you can work from your parents' kitchen for a week. At Peak, we've always been suckers for a good trip (and that includes all definitions of 'trip.') But it took a global pandemic to teach us just how important travel is to our mental health and emotional wellbeing. So we decided to make a sappy video about it.

If you're ready to get back out there, there's something that our marketing team is contractually obligated to tell you: Peak Design makes a complete ecosystem of burly, brilliant, and beautiful travel bags, plus a whole line of modular pouches and cubes (we call them 'Packing Tools' because it sounds neat) that can adapt to any kind of trip. And when you buy a complete kit, you can get a sweet lil' bundle discount—instructions above.

Now pack your bags, and get outta here.
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