OUR ONLINE WEDDING LDR COUPLE 1st Ever YouTube LDR online Ceremony!!

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Welcome back!!! Guess what!! We are now officially husband and wife!! Thats right. Thanks to Web Wed. Donna and I are now married.

Thanks to everyone for their support!!!!

As mentioned before we will continue to provide links to assist you!!!

WebWed official Site.

♦️Webwed info. How it works. Getting married online.

♦️Visa info for application.

Documents are PDF downloadable and open with word to write on mobile device.

Email all documents to

-Completed Visa application
-Marriage certificate
-copy of birth certificates
-Passports and ID
-proof of filipino spouse residency
-Travel dates and proof of round-trip tickets
-Address where will be staying
-Letter of exemption for travel ban

*Legal info*
♦️ Philippines Family Code and Law. Self read.

♦️Bureau of Immigrantion Philippines


♦️Department of Foreign Affairs Philippines

♦️Direct message us here????
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