Opening and Closing to Sesame Street: Kids' Favorite Songs 2001 DVD

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This is the 2001 DVD of Sesame Street: Kids' Favorite Songs.


1. FBI Warning Screen
2. Sony Wonder Logo
3. Sesame Workshop Logo
4. DVD Menu
5. Sesame Street Home Videos & Audio Promo
6. Sesame Street CD & Cassette Promo
7. Stay Tuned Screen
8. Start of the Program


1. End of the Program
2. End Credits
3. Sesame Street Magazine and Parents Promo
4. Look for these Great Products from Sesame Street
5. 1-2-3 Count with Me Promo
6. Let's Eat!: Funny Food Songs Promo
7. Elmopalooza Promo
8. The Best of Kermit on Sesame Street Promo
9. The Alphabet Jungle Game Promo
10. The Great Numbers Game Promo
11. Only from Sony Wonder
12. Special Thanks Screen
13. DVD Menu (Again)

And That's It!

Release date: 2001
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