NZ records new case of COVID-19 as authorities race to identify 'patient zero'

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New Zealand has recorded a new case of COVID-19 after a student attending Mount Albert Grammar School in New Zealand tested positive to the virus.

The new coronavirus victim was a close contact of the four initial cases within the one family from South Auckland.

Health Officials said the student posed a low risk for passing on the infection because they were not symptomatic when they attended school.

New Zealand authorities have not yet identified 'patient zero' of the latest outbreak.

However, the Director General of Health said he believed it was unlikely the virus was imported into the country via refrigerated freight.

After the government plunged Aukland into stage three lockdown in response to the hotspot discovery, the political opposition called for the election - which is currently scheduled for September 19 - to be delayed.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said there was not enough information at present to make an informed decision.

Image: AP
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