NEW SHOP IS AMAZING! January Shop Review - Blackcliff Weapons & Characters | Genshin Impact

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The Starglitter shop for January is sooo good ; Blackcliff weapons are amazing four star options, and the polearm seems to be the best 4* for Xiao (the only other comparable one is Deathmatch)
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Hope you guys enjoy! Insane shop. Blackcliff is way better than Royal.
Fischl and Xiangling are great too.
Paimon's Bargains shop rotates every month - this one is for January 2021 - All items cost Masterless Starglitter, obtained from Wishing.

Why I'm making this Video/Intro (0:00)
What's special about this Shop (0:59)
Blackcliff Weapons & Why they are GOOD (1:29)
Blackcliff Longsword (3:24)
Blackcliff Slasher (4:22)
Blackcliff Pole [Great for Xiao] (6:09)
Blackcliff Agate (8:11)
Blackcliff Warbow (9:10)
Fischl [Good Constellations] (9:48)
Xiangling [Good Constellations] (10:52)
Other Items/Overall (12:04)
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