Magic ADLEY CARTOON ✨ Secret Room & Alligators inside our House! DONT GET CAUGHT the floor is Lava!

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we turned into REAL CARTOONS!! and i think we should do it again! and again!


HEY EVERYBODY!! So my dad told me something weird!! He told me that he built a secret room at the spacestation! He also said if we find it, he had another surprise for me!! So obviously I wanted to hurry to the spacestation and find this room as fast as I could!! When we got to the spacestation I rush from room to room looking for any clues I could find! It was like I was playing hide n seek with the office!! Finally, my dad gave me a clue telling me it was upstairs so I bolted! While upstairs I found an adley shirt, a lava lamp, and a my dad's office! When we went in his office I spotted a treasure chest on his wall! I climbed up and twisted the key and felt the door unlock! My dad then told me that the whole wall moved into a secret room but that I needed to watch out because the room was also magic!! I told him I wanted to see and made my way to the room! I was then surrounded by magic sparkles and dad and I turned into a cartoon!! It was so cool! Anything I imagined I could do! I could jump really high, turn into a giraffe, and even climb on the ceiling!! This room gave me a perfect idea!! I wanted to turn one of my videos into a cartoon! So I ran and grabbed my iPad and threw it in the room so that one of my favorite videos turned into a cartoon! Which video should we do next?!

my last video - How to PAINT PUMPKiNS!! Mom Hands, Finger Painting, and Learning Colors with Niko! family challenge

my dad's last video - CUP PHONE crafts!! ultimate FORT inside our house! Animal neighborhood, my neighbor won’t wakeup!

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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