LITKIDS Open Mic Season 2 | Online Contest For Kids | India's Largest Virtual Talent Hunt For Kids

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How to Enter:

Send a recording of your entry to litkidsindia@ or Whatsapp on 9820310017

Shooting Criteria:
Shoot in horizontal mode
Sufficient front light
No background music allowed
No background noise
Stay close to the camera

Judgement Criteria:
Popularity and likes from Audience

Gifts and Prizes

Competitions based guidelines:

1. Acting - Participants can enact a sequence of their choice from a movie, play, book, etc. Can be a mimicry or mime as well.

2. Book review - Participants can review any book of their choice. Mention the book and the author. The review should be based on the story, characters, plot, etc. Mention what you liked / disliked about the book

3. Elocution – the participant can speak on any topic. Mention the theme and why you chose it.

4. Film Review – Participants can pick any film of their choice. Any language is ok. Reviews should cover the story, characters, plot, acting, etc. Mention what you liked / disliked about the movie

5. Instrumental – can be any musical instrument. Perform an original piece or your version of an existing piece.

6. Poetry Slam – poem must be original – written and recited by the participant

7. Storytelling – recite a story (existing or original) with expressions, props, costumes, etc.

8. Singing - any song with/without background music. Any language. Perform an original song or your version of an existing song.

9. News Reporting – Report any recent news item in your style. Keep the content simple and relevant for kids to understand.

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