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How To Sing Like Ronnie James Dio - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

There are just a handful singers who have had a huge influence on me vocally and another name that definitely makes that list is Ronnie James Dio.

Though Ronnie apparently didn’t have any formal training vocally, he still learned to implement many of the techniques I teach which I also will be sharing in this video.

Dio sings with big, long whole tones and it’s his use of open throat technique that allows him to achieve his sound.

I’m going to break down how we can also use glottal compression and diaphragmatic support to be able to achieve the same longevity and stamina that Dio brings.

I’ll be sharing with you some of my own performances along with two KTVA students: Gabriela and Sara as we all take on some Dio classics while I break down the techniques we use to get there.

I hope you all find the video to be helpful and please be sure to share your feedback in the comments!

And here are the full versions of the song from the video:

And here also are the reactions I've previously done to Dio:

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