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Legendary The Empress Dragon is a limited-time Dragon of the month Dragon, this legendary dragon is obtained through only the monthly event Dragon of the month, When using 2 dragons containing a combination of the Earth, Water, fire and Plant
The Empress Dragon Elements are Elements are Legendary, Plant and Wind
Breeding time :- 2 Days (N) and 1 Day & 14 Hours (VIP)
Hatching time :- 2 Days & 9 Hours (N) & 1 Day & 22 Hours (VIP)

Recommended combo with any of the following

Fire & Kitsune/Celestial/Cottontail/Arboreal/Jiang/Pineapple/Chestnut/Panda
Earth & Agave/Cherry Blossom/Liquid Fire/Redflower/Seahorse/Wooly/Cinnamon
Water & Orange/Werewolf/Pumpkin/Maple Leaf/Armadillo/Champion/Warden
Plant & Elemental/Cookie/Quake/Razorhelm
Boiling/Pop Art/Rustwater & Tree/Faun/Farmer/Avocado/Referee
Lava/Salamander/Shooting Star/Runestone/Ruby-Back & Melon/Candy/Bamboo/Scout
Sunflower/Amber/Ceremony/Golden Green/Ladybug & Mud/Snow

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How to Breed The Empress Dragon-Dragon Mania Legends | All Breeding Combination The Empress Dragon | DML

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