Help Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild (1) - Fortnite Week 11 Challenges

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Fortnite Week 11 Quests,Help Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild (1) - All Locations Easy Challenge Guide - Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 11 Challenges (Epic & Legendary Quests). Support a creator code: PerfectScore (#ad).

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Very simple challenge, you need to interact with any NPC on the map and that will trigger a conversation which completes 'Help Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild'.


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 - All Week 11 Challenges Epic & Legendary Quests

Epic Quests
Catch Different Kinds of Fish to Find a Valentines Date for Fishstick (3)
Serve Fishstick and His Date a Fancy Dinner at Any Restaurant (1)
Find a Rose at Steel Farm or The Orchard (1)
Collect Grimbles' Love Potion from Fort Crumpet, Coral Cove or Stealthy Stronghold (1)
Deliver the Love Potion to Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town (1)
Collect Chocolate Boxes from Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, or Retail Row (3)
Choose a Character to be Lovely's Valentine (1)

Legendary Quest
Deal Damage to Opponents with Crossbows (1,000)


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