Fire Academy - Week 1 of 16 (1080p)

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Welcome to Week #1 of Fire Academy for Unified Fire Authority's Recruit Class #54. This has been an intense and exciting first week for these 36 recruits. They've been pushed both mentally and physically, they were introduced to our Department’s culture/history, and they were taught firefighting basics. This week was more or less a hands-on introduction for what's to come. Stay tuned as Public Information Officer Ryan Love documents their every move, bringing you video updates for the next 16 weeks.

All recruits and cadre have conducted a rapid COVID test - all negative. We will maintain a COVID-aware campus through frequent testing, daily screening, and vaccination efforts.#UNIFIED54

If you're interested in becoming a firefighter with Unified Fire, sign up for our hiring interest list here: ​

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The UFA is a full-service fire agency, providing fire suppression, advanced life support, first response and transport, rescue, hazardous materials, bomb response, fire investigation, code enforcement, hazardous materials inspections, and Emergency Management for all of Salt Lake County. UFA is the sponsoring agency of Utah Task Force 1, one of 28 FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Teams in the nation, provides Fire Management services for Camp Williams and emergency response for the Utah Data Center.

UFA operates as an independent fire authority under the direction of the UFA Board of Directors. Each of the municipalities appoints one elected official from their municipality to serve on the UFA Board of Directors, with the exception of Salt Lake County who can appoint two elected officials.

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