DAGR SMASHES F2P ORB STASH! - Dagr Mythic Banner Summoning - Fire Emblem Heroes [FEH]

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What's up guys, I am Pheonixmaster1, and welcome to my Fire Emblem Heroes Summoning session. In this session, I spent 360 F2P Orbs from my F2P Account & 160+ Orbs from my Main account on the Mythic Banner featuring Dagr as the new Mythic unit, Legendary Edelgard, Freyja, Bramimond, Legendary Corrin, Sara, Legendary Lucina, Duessel, Guinivere, Reginn, Legendary Marth & Legendary Eirika.

0:00 Units I'm Shooting For/Banner Thoughts
4:10 Mythic Units I Want in the Future
5:25 New Weapon Refine for one unit even if they have one!
8:10 1100 Orbs or 1 Free Summon Every Day?
9:45 Mythic Macuil and Indech
12:28 My Current Merge Projects
15:30 Too Many FEH OC Mythic Units?
21:22 One FEH Crossovers unit that I want!
24:07 Favorite Mario Game? Zelda? Megaman? Sonic?
29:14 My FAVORITE Music in Fire Emblem Games
33:13 1,000,000,000 Lions VS ALL Pokemon
38:16 Re:Zero's Elsa is Best Girl?


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