Cozy Winter Hut - Relaxing Blizzard and Snowstorm Sounds w/ Heavy Wind & Snow for Sleep & Relaxation

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Enjoy this cozy and relaxing background with winter sounds for sleeping, studying or meditation. This ambience is perfect to assist you in releasing stress and anxiety and fall into a deep and peaceful sleep or relaxation.
This snowstorm video soundscape is a great natural white noise that helps you fall asleep or any task that requires long periods of concentration.
Visualize you are warm and cosy on this atmosphere, listening to the howling wind and heavy snow outside very comfortable reading a great book.

Ambience Storyline:

... ???? Clad in comfortable pajamas, you peer out your windows at the falling sleet. The chill snow storm outside doesn’t bother you in here. Instead you watch the snow piling up and sip your hot chai tea. You pad over to your couch and settle in with a good book. The gentle crackle of the logs burning in the fireplace, accompanied with the rich scent of your warm tea, provide a rich tang in your living room. Together they banish the blizzard weather away.
You cross your legs, leaning back with a smile of contentment. The first snow comes only once a year—and you can enjoy it all on your own.

Hope you enjoy it!

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How this artwork was created:
This ambience was modeled and created with 3D Blender. All the scenario itself was modeled and animated from the root. It is completely original.

3D of the Sketch here:

After the 3D model this scenario was painted and animated.
Software used:
- Unity 3D
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe After Effects
- DaVinci Resolve

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