Chapter 2 Season 7 - Battle Stars and the New Battle Pass

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Check out the new Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass where you choose your rewards! Learn more at

Welcome to Chapter 2 Season 7 Fortnite's Invasion season.
We got aliens.
We got spaceships.
Fun. Fantastic. And crazy new weapons.
What can I say?

This season this world.

That's right, your boy Mooney is back to talk about changes to this season's Battle Pass.
Where YOU choose which rewards to claim.
This season's Battle Pass brings back Battle Stars.
Your way to claim all of the season's rewards.

Collect those stars and exchange them to get the Battle Pass rewards you want, in the order you want them.
In the order you want them.
You'll unlock access to additional pages of rewards to choose from.
Collect all of the rewards on a page to gain access to the locked rewards.
If you haven't purchased a Battle Pass, you'll still be able to claim free pass rewards on each page, using Battle Stars you collect from just playing!
Each time you level up, whether you gained XP by playing, or bought a level of V-Bucks, you'll get 5 more Battle Stars.
As usual, you can get all 100 Battle Pass rewards by reaching level 100.
Get galactic. Snag those stars.
And unlock your favorite rewards.
Until next time, I've got somewhere to be!

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