Case Play - Twin Out, Triple Play, or Intentional Drop in Minnesota?

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This analysis pertains to a complicated case of one out in Minnesota as, with the bases loaded and none out, Chicago batter Danny Mendick hit a line drive to Minnesota fielder Luis Arraez. Article:

Simple enough, right?

What happened next is that Arraez dropped the ball, flipped to shortstop Jorge Polanco, who stepped on second base, and threw to first baseman Miguel Sano, who tagged Minnesota baserunner R1 Luis Robert.

2B Umpire Ryan Blakney ruled "no catch" (no intentional drop) on the batted ball and called R1 Robert out when Polano stepped on second base to force the runner. Thus, preceding runner R2 James McCann was no longer forced to advance to third (nor R3 Edwin Encarnacion forced to advance to home plate), and Blakney ruled McCann safe at second.

After consultation with chief Laz Diaz's crew, the umpires ruled that only R1 Robert had been retired, the correct

...Case Play: If Blakney ruled that Arraez intentionally dropped the ball, as in Official Baseball Rule (a)(12), what would the correct call be?
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