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The BIG Question is Should you buy the Snowflake IPO Tomorrow on September 16th? What do we know about the value of Snowflake Stock and is the company worth investing long term? Tomorrow Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 there is a company's IPO that is about to get an crazy amount of media attention and traction, as it already has. The company is Snowflake $SNOW NYSE. They’re a cloud-based data driven software that builds on top of Google, Microsoft, and Amazon’s databases so that companies can run near real-time analytics to understand their customers better. It’s expected to open at a price of $110-$120 and there’s a massive amount of hype already as Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has invested $250 million into the company. We know that Warren Buffett, an investor who made it his life mission, NOT to invest in companies that lose money or over valued. Snowflake by the looks of it, is bound to lose money. Snowflake takes lots of data and lets companies make business decisions with that information. Apple $AAPL uses them, Nike $NKE uses them! Snowflake $SNOW 26% of Snowflake's revenue comes from Fortune 500 companies. $SNOW let’s you access that data and run tests, comparisons, and traces between that data set, and let’s say another data set that’s just as big or even better or smaller if you want to whatever!

Inuvo, Inc. $INUV AMEX is a data-driven tech company with a focus on developing its main product, IntentKey. The solution is a programmatic media tech powered by patented AI-generated audience data. Utilized mostly in a marketing & advertising setting, IntentKey identifies the earliest signals of consumer intent. The process involves analyzing over 200,000 consumer content engagements per second through the IntentCloud. This gives the ability to reach users in near real-time. They are patnered with some big names like Yahoo Bing and Google $GOOGL. Inuvi, Inc will be my top buy in sympathy to Snowflake $SNOW IPO tomorrow Wednesday, September 16th, 2020!
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