Anime动态漫 | Back to the Palace 凤还朝 S1E9 阴谋CONSPIRACY (Original/Eng sub)

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Anime动态漫 | Back to the Palace 凤还朝 S1E9 阴谋 CONSPIRACY (Original/Eng sub)
叶宋,新时代腐女一枚,一朝穿越,竟成了恋夫成痴的花痴王妃!前世看到王爷和小三通奸被气死,这一世还不掀翻他的王府!逛花楼,看本子,打群架,还能不能来点更刺激的!“皇上,我所欲也,贤王,亦我所欲也,二者可否得兼?”“本王说过,你只能是我的!” Ye Song, a fan of fujoshi culture in the new era, one day, she travels across the space and time, and she becomes a Rani who is crazy about her husband! In her previous incarnation she died of extreme anger after seeing the Lord flirts with another woman, in this life, she will mess up in his palace! She goes to the brothels, read novels written for adults, fight with others. Can it become a bit more exciting! “ I love the King, I also kind of like the Lord, can I date with both of them?” The king said, “you can only be mine!"

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