A Bunch of Voice Actors Play Among Us

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It's a game of in SPACE. Join me, Joe Zieja, and a bunch of my fellow voice actors play Among Us! A lot of the VA friends in this video are featured in various shows and games such as Fire Emblem, Persona 5, Pokemon & many more! We played a number of rounds of Among Us, trying to figure out who is the imposter in this game. Hope you all enjoy watching us play this amazing party game!

Featured voice actors in our gaming sessions of Among Us:
Faye Mata
Erika Harlacher
Greg Chun
Billy Kametz
Joe Zieja
Kayli Mills
Max Mittelman
Robbie Daymond
Zach Aguilar
Ray Chase

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00:00 - Introductions
7:44 - Game 1
28:53 - Game 2
46:24 - Game 3

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