2021 McDonald’s New Pokémon Card Happy Meal Surprise! Kid Opening Anniversary Booster Packs!

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I went to 2 different McDonalds and got 6 Pokémon Happy Meals to open and unbox!!! My family and I ate all of the McNuggets and french fries and then I opened all 6 packs of Pokémon trading cards. The surprise or prize or toy in the happy meal included an activity kit with a maze or coloring page, stickers and a four pack of Pokemon cards! I finally got a Pikachu for my collection. I two actually - a foil and a standard! Let's Go! I was so excited! I have now collected 18/50 trading cards special edition from McDonald's.

Go get yours today and collect your 25th Anniversary Pokemon trading cards before they sell out!! There are standard and foil trading cards. I got some of each. There are a total of 50 different cards in the McDonald's special edition release. I hope to collect them all. Each Happy Meals comes with a 4 pack of special edition Pokemon booster cards.
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